profilepic_03 Welcome to my site: it’s so great to “meet” you!

Some of you have found me through my health and wellness articles as Editor, New England Health Advisory. If you’ve read my work, you know that I am passionate about cutting through the confusing and conflicting information to get at the truth, so that you can make the best decisions for your own — and your family’s — health and wellness.
Whether I am writing about why the latest study is misleading, why the food you are eating isn’t what you think or how you can save money or make a healthier choice, I want you to have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Others have landed here after hearing me in the media. Maybe you listened to me talk about why high cholesterol can good for you and share with you the one test that every adult should have done to ensure they live a long life. Or perhaps you heard me speak about why sugar is not all equal and why one sugar is metabolized like poison in the liver while another is simply burned as fuel. If you’ve heard me speak, you know that I really want to empower you on your wellness journey.

You may have found me after reading one of my recent bestselling books, “Ready, Aim, Influence!” where I explore collaboration and very briefly present the five secrets of change. Or “Breakthrough! 18 inspirational Strategies for an Audaciously Authentic Life” in which I reveal the first of five secrets to change in much greater detail and show you how to have an Effortless Breakthrough. If you read my contributions to these books, you know I am passionate about living life on your own terms and creating the life you deserve to live.

Or perhaps you are finding me now as a result of the promotion around my forthcoming book and audio course, “Finally Make It Happen,” in which I guide you through the process I discovered for making lasting change. If you’re like me and you’ve ever felt stuck, overwhelmed, or frustrated; if you think you procrastinate or lack willpower or motivation; if you wonder if maybe you just can’t do it, my proven process gives you the strategies, tools, and weapons you need to get started, keep going, and get it done. Even if you have failed before, if you have fallen prey (as we all have at one time or another) to the self-help industry’s quick fix schemes, you can Finally Make It Happen.

The two things that unite all of my work are my desire for you to know the truth so that you can determine the best action for you, and my passion to show you how to actually begin (and continue) to take the actions that will enable you to live life on your own terms. So whether your dream is improved physical, emotional or spiritual health, or whether you have a different dream to achieve, goal to reach or to-do list to empty, you’ll find something here on this site to help you on your way.

You can learn more about my story under the about tab and hear about my journey to Kazakhstan and how it led me to learn about health. If you want to read more about my books or my articles, you’ll find them under each of those tabs, and more detail about my newest endeavor, Finally Make It Happen, resides under the courses tab. You can get a free special report on sugar by joining my newsletter and coming soon, you can receive a free special article detailing the five secrets of change and the five reasons people fail if you decide you’d like to join me on my journey.

However you got here, I’m so glad you’re here! Spend some time, look around, and if you want to say hello, share a comment, or ask a question, connect with me under the contact tab.

To your wellness and health: your true wealth!