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Inger Pols Bio

Inger Pols graduated from Yale University, received an M.B.A. from Columbia Business School, and worked as a successful Marketing Executive. Then her life changed direction when she adopted a four-year-old boy from Kazakhstan and a year later, a three-year-old girl from Siberia. In order to learn everything she could to help them make up for their challenging start (her four-year-old was the size of an 18-month-old when he came home, undernourished and constantly sick), Inger went back to school to study nutrition and dietary theory.

After banishing her son’s allergies, migraines and annual bouts with bronchitis, people began to ask Inger why her kids never got sore throats and rarely missed school. Inger shares her learnings as Editor of the New England Health Advisory, and her children are now happy, healthy, vibrant teenagers.

Inger’s readers and clients struggled to make lasting change, even when motivation was strong, and as a single Mom with a big dream, Inger felt stuck herself. In order to break free and to help her clients succeed, Inger discovered the secrets of change and uncovered proven techniques to overcome the 5 reasons people fail to get started, keep going, and get it done. Now everyone can Finally Make It Happen.

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Inger Pols Testimonials

“I just wanted to personally thank you for dropping by Money For Lunch…. Great job on the show today Inger.” Bert Martinez, host of Money for Lunch Radio Show.

“You did a great show…you are welcome back anytime.” Tracy O’Brien, host of host of “Making It” on radio

“We were so moved by your presentation, your amazing story, your open, beautiful heart and the message you have to share. So frickin’ POWERFUL… It needs to be a TED talk!!!” Bob Doyle (from “The Secret”) and Lynn Rose.

“You were the only speaker who gave REAL content. I got out a pen and paper and immediately started taking notes. It was good stuff.” M. Ostara

Key Notes

  • The Power of Five: The Five Secrets of Lasting Change and How to Overcome The Five Reasons Most People Fail To Get What They Want
  • Willpower Weapons and Habit Helpers to Prevent Procrastination, Overcome Overwhelm and Banish Temptation For Good
  • The Goal Hoax: Why Setting Goals Can Lead to Failure and How to Finally Succeed (in the Workplace and in Life)
  • What’s your “it?” Walk out with your own personal blueprint to Get Started, Keep Going, Get it Done.

Inger Pols Book’s

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